Thursday, January 28, 2016

Measuring Your Dog for a Custom Sweater

For anyone who wants to participate in the Custom Fitted Dog Sweater workshop at Windy Knitty, February 28 and March 6,  here is a little tutorial on measuring your dog.  This is from Doggie Knits, Sweaters and Accessories for Your Best Friend.
1.  Neck:  Around where your dog's collar hangs.
2.  Chest:  Widest part behind the front legs.
3.  Length:  From back of neck to base of the tail.  The class project is knit top down, so the fit can be adjusted as you progress.
4.  Chest depth:  From the base of next front to the top of the front legs.
5.  Distance between front legs
Some optional measurements:
6.  Harness Opening:  Measure from the back of the neck to where the d-ring falls on your dog's back.
7.  For Boys:  Measure from the base of the neck, past the chest, ending where you would like the front of the sweater to stop to clear the male anatomy.

I will be releasing a pattern soon--a simple design with lots of detail and technique.  We're going to cover a tubular cast on, binding off and casting on the the middle of a round, and a really attractive and sturdy buttonhole in the workshop.  Skills that can be used in other projects!

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