Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Re-do, Re-purpose

Hello and happy 2016.  I am in the middle of a deadline crush here at Lucky Penny HQ, so all personal knitting has been put on hold for the last few weeks.  This is a garment I started before all that happened.  I had knit another, the Macallan vest, a few years ago, and the yarn pilled so badly that I rarely wear it out.  It pills immediately after I give it a Gleener treatment.  I loved the design so much, that I wanted to knit another with some yarn that had a little more tooth to it.  This is some Briggs and Little Regal that I gifted to myself a few birthdays ago.  I had started another design with it, but found the chart a little too cumbersome to manage.  More updates in the next week or so when I can come up for air.

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