Friday, September 15, 2017

Five Years of Madness

Five years ago, the Man and I drove to Northville, Michigan to add Madeline to our family.  She was in rough shape.  I was pretty raw from the recent death of Piccolo, and not sure what our new relationship would turn out to be.  They are all different.  Mad has proven to be an excellent, adorable companion.  Her funny personality makes people happy.  I'm pretty much obsessed with her, which may explain the explosion of sweaters.  Every day I try to work hard to be a better mommy to her.

Sweater weather is slowly returning to Lucky Penny HQ.  This is another easel treatment that I knit with Blackberry Ridge wool, colors Firecracker and Mill Pond.  I could easel a few more.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Doggie Easel

This is the sweater that was featured on the Mason-Dixon Knitting page.  (letters, 8/10/2017).  Yes, Madeline has many sweaters.  Instead of using Periscope to feature them in my annual Sweater Weather Month, this year I'm going to feature them in Instagram Stories.  To say that I'm obsessed at this point might be an understatement.  I'm thinking I need to re-channel my energies a bit to build my retail inventory back up.  As frustrating as I found shows to be, I find myself kind of missing them.  I still want to believe that Lucky Penny Hand Made will become a more sustainable enterprise.  Because that's what in my heart, I really want to do.

Mommy and Me

I finished, and posted this project to Instagram last month.  What a thrill to have it shared on one of my favorite knitting web magazines,  Mason-Dixon Knitting (see Letters, 8/10/17). 
I have been inspired to do an Easel treatment to another dog sweater, and shopped my stash to knit another Mommy and Me out of some Briar Rose Fibers Fourth of July that I've had for more than ten years.  Because austerity.
We've had another Summer of Misery at HQ.  Mad has had some back/muscle issues requiring laser and acupuncture treatments.  So her mommy's checkbook is on fire.  How do we even dig ourselves out of this hole to move?
I did purchase some yarn to knit a sweater at Stitches Midwest a few weeks ago, because, I'm an addict.  But today, I was in a yarn shop browsing for maybe thirty minutes and bought nothing.
I have stash for many sweaters.

Monday, July 10, 2017

July is for Finishing

Major blog neglect happening, because adulting is hard.  Especially if you live with one that is more or less a child.  I have to work on finally making an exit from this headquarters that has proven to be an unwelcoming and dangerous place that I can't call home.  The rent was raised yet again, so the hole I have to dig myself out of to accomplish a move has gotten deeper.  It will be Madeline and I going it alone, which I welcome, although in moves past, the Man has turned up after a few days or weeks.  I don't want that to happen again.
One more reason to hate this place--besides the other pests, there are moths.  I have had to discard some knitted pieces and yarn.  Things that could be salvaged were put into the freezer to kill anything lingering.  I hadn't seen this item for a long time, it was under a pile of stuff, so I checked it.  No evidence.   This is the Green Sweater of Sunday Holm/Elizabeth Zimmermann fame, which I knit in 2010 after going to Knitting Camp.  The style, color, and sport weight yarn still speak to me.  I'm working on just finishing projects this month, and this has moved to the top of the list, as it is one of the oldest unfinished objects that I have.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Now For Some Knitting Content

New mitts on a fresh manicure from a few weeks ago.  I used the Earl Grey pattern by Bristol Ivy as a jumping off point, and used the helical stripe technique from Mason Dixon knitting for the stripes.  The colors chase each other around, stopping three stitches short from the end of the round.  It prevents the seam that occurs when changing colors each round.  I turned the piece inside out so the purl side was public, and then worked the thumbs purl wise.  These are Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, colors Artifact, Fauna, and a few rounds of Hayloft when the Fauna ball went missing.  I decided to keep the imperfection when the Fauna cake re-apppeared.
I've been working like crazy.  Still broke, because after my car mishap, one of my molars shattered, resulting in a somewhat emergency dental visit that included a root canal, not covered by insurance.  When properly medicated with Xanax,  I don't care what they do in my mouth.  I found a dental practice that I really like, super nice and with a gentle touch.
My new diversion is the Hulu subscription that I got so I could watch The Handmaid's Tale.  I read the book many years ago, and the series goes deeper into the characters and relationships.  I would like to read the book again.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happy Feet

I have been wanting a pair of these for months.  Colors that I wanted would sell out, and I still didn't have the spare cash to buy a pair.  Finally pulled the trigger last week.  These are allbirds, in the color Kotare Lemon.  I wore them with socks the other day, and maybe that was a mistake, since I got a few blisters.  I guess my feet are a little tender.  There's a new slip on style available now, and I'm giving some serious thought to purchasing a pair.  

Thursday, March 30, 2017

I Need to Be Kinder to My Hands

My poor hands really take a beating.  In hot water a number of times a day.  It's amazing how many dishes two humans and one dog go through during a day.  I rely on my hands for so much.  I was treated to a no chip manicure a few weeks ago.  On me, it started to chip a week in.  I must admit that the pampering that my hands received was lovely.  I've had manicures before for special occasions, and they usually chip on me after a day or so.  It's not so much the nails that I'm concerned with, it's the state of my cuticles and overall dry and chapped hands.  I'm trying to be better about using lotion.  I need to baby these money makers.

2017 is shaping up to be the year of self care for me, which is coming with a pretty steep price tag.  I recently had a molar shatter, leaving a big hole.  This prompted the first visit to a dentist in years.  I'm phobic.  Turns out that it was a big cavity.  Now I'm girding my loins for an imminent root canal.  Which is going to require a Xanax.  I opened up a Care Credit account for Madeline, and now it appears that I will using it mostly for the dental work that my newly acquired insurance doesn't cover.
I'm hoping with the start of baseball season I have a chance to dig myself out of the financial hole that's getting deeper.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

This Happened

I admit to being snarky when it comes to seeing the conditions of other vehicles doing rideshare.  There are some cars that are in serious need of some body work.  Some of the cars are banged up so badly that if I were a rider, I might question the driving ability of the provider.  So this week it happened to me.  Not because of my driving.  I came out to find my car like this.  A hit and run.  It had snowed heavily, and I couldn't open the passenger door.  I drove it over to the Man so he could have a look.  We cleaned off the extra snow,  and found this.  The fender was pushed into the door so it couldn't open. The non functioning door meant I couldn't work.   I spent a day or so freaked out.  It was a wake up call to the fact that the safety net is fragile.  I imagined not being able to work for weeks, and all the expenses that need to be paid.   I was looking into renting a car so I could work.  Another expense.  I took it to a body shop for an estimate, and they were able to pop out the door so it opens.  It does make a horrible sound while doing so.  Two more days of driving until it goes into the shop for a new fender.  Spending more money that I don't have.
I'm hoping with the beginning of spring and baseball season, that I will have more driving work.  I seriously need to build up some sort of reserve.