Saturday, May 27, 2017

Now For Some Knitting Content

New mitts on a fresh manicure from a few weeks ago.  I used the Earl Grey pattern by Bristol Ivy as a jumping off point, and used the helical stripe technique from Mason Dixon knitting for the stripes.  The colors chase each other around, stopping three stitches short from the end of the round.  It prevents the seam that occurs when changing colors each round.  I turned the piece inside out so the purl side was public, and then worked the thumbs purl wise.  These are Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, colors Artifact, Fauna, and a few rounds of Hayloft when the Fauna ball went missing.  I decided to keep the imperfection when the Fauna cake re-apppeared.
I've been working like crazy.  Still broke, because after my car mishap, one of my molars shattered, resulting in a somewhat emergency dental visit that included a root canal, not covered by insurance.  When properly medicated with Xanax,  I don't care what they do in my mouth.  I found a dental practice that I really like, super nice and with a gentle touch.
My new diversion is the Hulu subscription that I got so I could watch The Handmaid's Tale.  I read the book many years ago, and the series goes deeper into the characters and relationships.  I would like to read the book again.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happy Feet

I have been wanting a pair of these for months.  Colors that I wanted would sell out, and I still didn't have the spare cash to buy a pair.  Finally pulled the trigger last week.  These are allbirds, in the color Kotare Lemon.  I wore them with socks the other day, and maybe that was a mistake, since I got a few blisters.  I guess my feet are a little tender.  There's a new slip on style available now, and I'm giving some serious thought to purchasing a pair.  

Thursday, March 30, 2017

I Need to Be Kinder to My Hands

My poor hands really take a beating.  In hot water a number of times a day.  It's amazing how many dishes two humans and one dog go through during a day.  I rely on my hands for so much.  I was treated to a no chip manicure a few weeks ago.  On me, it started to chip a week in.  I must admit that the pampering that my hands received was lovely.  I've had manicures before for special occasions, and they usually chip on me after a day or so.  It's not so much the nails that I'm concerned with, it's the state of my cuticles and overall dry and chapped hands.  I'm trying to be better about using lotion.  I need to baby these money makers.

2017 is shaping up to be the year of self care for me, which is coming with a pretty steep price tag.  I recently had a molar shatter, leaving a big hole.  This prompted the first visit to a dentist in years.  I'm phobic.  Turns out that it was a big cavity.  Now I'm girding my loins for an imminent root canal.  Which is going to require a Xanax.  I opened up a Care Credit account for Madeline, and now it appears that I will using it mostly for the dental work that my newly acquired insurance doesn't cover.
I'm hoping with the start of baseball season I have a chance to dig myself out of the financial hole that's getting deeper.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

This Happened

I admit to being snarky when it comes to seeing the conditions of other vehicles doing rideshare.  There are some cars that are in serious need of some body work.  Some of the cars are banged up so badly that if I were a rider, I might question the driving ability of the provider.  So this week it happened to me.  Not because of my driving.  I came out to find my car like this.  A hit and run.  It had snowed heavily, and I couldn't open the passenger door.  I drove it over to the Man so he could have a look.  We cleaned off the extra snow,  and found this.  The fender was pushed into the door so it couldn't open. The non functioning door meant I couldn't work.   I spent a day or so freaked out.  It was a wake up call to the fact that the safety net is fragile.  I imagined not being able to work for weeks, and all the expenses that need to be paid.   I was looking into renting a car so I could work.  Another expense.  I took it to a body shop for an estimate, and they were able to pop out the door so it opens.  It does make a horrible sound while doing so.  Two more days of driving until it goes into the shop for a new fender.  Spending more money that I don't have.
I'm hoping with the beginning of spring and baseball season, that I will have more driving work.  I seriously need to build up some sort of reserve.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

I Like My Hair

Last week, I went to a milestone party for a dear friend.  I timed my departure so I wouldn't encounter someone that I used to work for, who treated me badly, and then discarded me for something younger.  In the months and weeks before my sudden departure, I could feel the contempt and disrespect.  She went out of her way at times to make me feel uncomfortable.  I wanted hair like hers, a salt and pepper thing.  I have come to realize that this hair, her hair,  belongs to someone who I no longer admire, and I want to be nothing like her.  My hair is never going to gray like that.  I like the strands that I have, but I have decided that I accept, and now like, the hair that I have, just like I accept and like the surgical scar that's visible on my throat.  It's part of who I am.

Knitting was a solitary pursuit for many decades of my life.  From 2010 to 2015, it became a big part of my social life.  After I left the store, it has become mostly solitary again.  Friends that were common chose a side.  The store mostly won.  Remaining friends have to keep their association with me on the down low.  I saw some at the party.  I was happy to see D, who reads this blog.  Hi again.  When I was leaving, I ran right into someone else who has devolved into a Facebook friend only.  He did not want to engage with me.  Awkward.  I missed the part of the party that was really good.  I shouldn't have.  And the person in question never entered the apartment, just stayed on the stairs.  Perhaps she was afraid to run into me?  I hope so.  I didn't go to Yarn Con last year because I didn't want to run into her, but why should I hide?  I didn't do anything wrong.

I'm always irritated when people categorize knitters as being kind and generous.  A person can be deceptive, treacherous, bigoted, manipulative, narcissistic, and still knit.  Ask me how I know.  Fuck you, L.  I'm going to Yarn Con this year.  You can hide from me.

Oh.  The photo.  It's from The Magic Flute at the Lyric Opera of Chicago.  The sweater on the character in the center was knit by me.  Other than losing friends and perhaps my reputation in the in the needle arts industry, my life has gotten lots better since my departure from the store.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


My month of selfish knitting continues.  I'm not going to be finished with a sweater when January is over.  I will start back up on dog sweaters.  I still want to work on releasing Doggie Knits designs as downloads.  I have been thinking about pushing the retail side of Lucky Penny again.  My inventory these days is pretty low.  I need to work around slow times for driving.  Right now it seems like Tuesday is a very slow day and my time would be best spent working on my knitting enterprises.  I have an ongoing job packing a household 1-2 days a week.  Seventy boxes packed so far, all collectibles.  The job is moving slowly because each item is cataloged as it is packed.  I had a little accident and tripped on the carpet (thankfully the client wasn't there to witness my clumsiness).  The packed box was safe but I sustained some nasty bruises on my left arm.

The photo is another sweater that I cast on this month.  It's on the cover of the very beautiful book Knitting From the North.  I could go deep into this book.  Every design is just gorgeous, this one is called Loki.  The yarn I'm knitting with is the limited edition Rifton from Mason-Dixon Knitting.  I had one cake of it, 600 yards, and didn't want another accessory.  The solid is sport weight from Blackberry Ridge in Wisconsin.  There is a 100 round chart that is very hard to read because some of the squares are solid black, and the chart is small.  I took a photo of the chart with my iPhone so I could enlarge it as needed.  I'm winding off small amounts of the Rifton cake into butterflies so I don't have so many tangles as I go.

Every day this week seems to be a new atrocity.  This was a hard country to live in before January 20, and now it's like there is a new punishment coming one after another.  I didn't go to the Women's March.  I'm not a crowd person, and as irrational as it seems, I was afraid I would run into people, or a person, that I didn't want to see.  I had a hard time with all that pussyhat business and local media treating a shopkeeper like she was some social justice authority.  I can say with certainty that she is not.  It was commerce.  It was thrilling to see all that pink in all the marches, but the association with that negative person really ruined it for me.

Monday, January 16, 2017

A Month of Selfish Knitting

Tea With Jam and Bread
  I have so many goals and projects for this year, that it's easy for me to be overwhelmed.  So, in a counterintuitive move, I decided to devote January to just knitting for my wardrobe.  I haven't knit a stitch on something for Madeline, and for me, that's very rare.  My selfish knitting has included swatching for three fingering/sport weight sweaters, one with color work, and making a serious dent on this.  Tea With Jam and Bread, which has been on my wish list for years.   In Shelter, with pockets for a super casual look that will be perfect for my working the safety net life.  I'm thinking about including a surprise color that will peek out of the pocket lining.
I intend to shift my focus to knitting lighter weight sweaters, over the past few months, the few that I own have been put to frequent use.  I love my Woodfords cardigan so much that I would consider knitting another in a more neutral color.  The other thing that I've been meaning to do is working a season ahead.  I have a few warm weather garments in mind.  One will require me taking apart something that I knit a few years ago and became a snagged mess after a few wearings.  I will shoot for March to begin these projects.
New Year's Eve was my worst experience ever with driving.  Never again will I do a late night.  I don't care how much they say it pays.  There were too many drivers out to make anything decent, and the riders behaved like animals.  The worst was when I had to return a cell phone to someone, who the night before, vomited in my car.  Horrible!  A wise friend said that it happened for a reason, that I should not have been out that night.  I'll agree with that.
I've spent the last week fighting a cold, the Man is recovering from surgery, and Mad has had her disc disease flare up again.  Madeline was scheduled for a dental cleaning today, but the procedure had to be scrapped due to what they termed "wiggly behavior."